Economic Growth Impacts on Capacity

European economies are showing signs of positive growth as we move in to Autumn. However, road transport capacity has been challenged by increasing freight volumes, a trend that that has intensified following the summer holidays.

The combination of greater freight volumes and the continued major challenges such as driver shortages, imbalances between trading countries & regions and the breakdown of a couple of important railway networks has contributed to the lack of vehicle capacity we are currently seeing across Europe.

Continued Good Service

At DSV we are constantly monitoring the market in order to ensure we are able to offer our clients the highest possible level of service during this period.    
At present, we do not expect to see a huge improvement in the short term, we are though doing our utmost to ensure a consistent supply of capacity. If the current situation with increasing volumes and reduced capacity continues it is likely to lead to an increase in transportation costs.
If you have questions about the capacity challenges faced in the road transport market, please contact your local DSV representative.



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