Prepare your transport for Chinese New Year 2019

Although we are all preparing for New Year celebrations, perhaps you might also start to think about preparing for Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year 2019

Production and a great deal of transportation is generally suspended during the countrywide celebration. If you are transporting from China, then we highly recommend that you book well in advance, as several shipping companies, air carriers and railway operators do reschedule many of their departures dates.

Chinese New Year is the most important of traditional Chinese holidays. The celebration of Chinese New Year, also known as the moon or spring festival, lasts for 15 days. However, the official holiday of the Chinese New Year is only a week, during this time the transportation of goods is highly unlikely.  

The Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout China, including in Hong Kong and Macau, as well as in countries where there is a significant Chinese population.

Offices and factories affected in China
The Chinese New Year falls in week 6 in 2019. Most offices and factories will be closed from Monday 4 February to Sunday 10 February. In Hong Kong, offices and factories are officially closed for only three days, 5th to 7th February.

The official closure of offices and factories means that goods are not being shipped from the factories during this time.

Shortage of space from China around the Chinese New Year
Our experience tells us that there is always a shortage of freight space to depart from China leading up to and following the New Year, so we therefore strongly recommend that you book well in advance to guarantee minimal delay in your supply chain.

Let us help you prepare for Chinese New Year so that your orders are not affected, and possible disruption is avoided.

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