COVID-19 emergency situation surcharge

We keep the supply chains going, but some interruptions are inevitable.

As the situation around the COVID-19 outbreak continues to impact more and more countries, DSV is making sure transports arrive as quickly as possible, especially for important goods, such as medicines, protective clothing and food.

Considering the very restricted freight capacity on commercial flights, we make every effort to transport your shipments to the destination safely and without delays where possible. To ensure our customers’ supply chains operate as smooth possible, shipments often must take in-direct routings to the final destination, which increases costs in freight and handling.

As a consequence, we will temporarily and until further notice have to pass on any additional charges of airlines and service providers to our customers.

This website will be updated continuously.

Please find below the airfreight / service provider surcharges:

Rate per kilogram chargeable weight - Effective 1st July 2020

 DHL Express


Destination Country    
Origin Country Hong Kong & China  Australia and New Zealand Rest of Asia Rest of the World 
China £0.80 £1.50  £0.80 £0.80 
 Hong Kong £0.80 £1.50 £0.80 £0.80
 Rest of Asia £0.80  £1.65  £0.80 £0.18
Rest of the World  £0.18 £0.18  £0.18 £0.18 

**UPS UPDATE** UPS will reduce surcharges as of 27th December:

“UPS Worldwide Express®2, UPS Worldwide Express Freight®3, UPS Worldwide Expedited® and UPS Transborder Express4


UPS Service (GBP per kg)

WW Express

WW Expedited

TB Express

Express Freight 

From 19 Europe origins1 to all destinations (except AU, CA, MX,NZ,PR,US) £0.20 £0.20 £0.20 £1.62
From 19 Europe origins1 to AU and NZ
£0.81 £0.81 N/A £1.62
From 19 Europe origins1 to CA,MX,PR,US £0.32 £0.32 N/A £1.62
To 19 Europe origins1 from all destinations (except CN and HK) £0.20 £0.20 N/A £1.64
From China £1.22 £1.14 N/A £2.64 
From Hong Kong SAR £1.22 £1.14  N/A £2.64 

1 Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland 
2 UPS Worldwide Express® also includes UPS Worldwide Express Plus® and UPS Worldwide Express Saver® 
3 UPS Worldwide Express Freight® also includes UPS Worldwide Express Freight® Midday
4 UPS Transborder Express® also includes UPS Transborder Express Plus® and UPS Transborder Express Saver®
5 In addition to existing rates, charges, surcharges and fees. The UPS Fuel Surcharge is calculated also on the temporary peak surcharge. Applied to Freight Collect, Prepaid and Third Party shipments that are invoiced in the 19 countries in Europe. 


Origin Country    Destination Country   
  China  Reminder of APAC
 Rest of the world
 China  - £0.80 £0.80
 Remainder of APAC £0.80 £0.80 £0.18
 Rest of the world £0.18 £0.18 £0.18

GBP per kilo

Parcel min charge: 0.80 GBP/Shipment

Freight min charge: 40.15 GBP/Shipment

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