To ensure that your shipment arrives safely, packaging is highly important

It is important that you pack and label your shipment correctly, or you can choose to let us pack it. 

A strong cardboard box large enough to include sufficient cushion materials to protect the contents is required. And it must be clearly labelled. 

The DSV XPress range of packing materials

You may use our envelopes and boxes to pack your shipment. DSV XPress comes with its own range of packing materials.

DSV XPress envelopes and boxes in different shapes and materials together with labels can be ordered for use with DSV XPress shipments. 

Standard DSV XPress and DSV XPress Economy limits

There are no weight limits.

Maximum length of each parcel is 270 cm. 

Maximum girth length per parcel is 330 cm (length + 2 x width + 2 x height). 

Larger packages are considered DSV XPress Special Services shipments and are handled on request.

Calculation of weight and size

The calculation of price is based on volume weight if it exceeds the actual weight of your shipment. 

Calculation of volume weight: Multiply length, width and height of a package (in centimetres). Add the volumes of several individual parcels of a shipment to get the total volume of the shipment. To calculate the volume weight (in kilograms), divide the volume of the shipment by the factor tendered in our quote. Any intermediate results must be rounded up.


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