Inland Customs Centre Control Tower Operator

DSV in Immingham is recruiting for the role to oversee all International Import, Export & UK Domestic Inbound & Outbound transport movements for our Depots.

The role will include ETSF (Customs) Clearance.

Post EU membership, DSV Road depots will act as Inland Customs Centres upon Import and Export. Shipments destined for, or arrived from, within the EU will require Customs Clearance to be processed before Transport can be arranged.

The applicant must have good financial awareness, organised and punctual, good knowledge of the road freight industry and previous experience in vehicle slot management and Gatehouse booking in procedures.

We are looking for a person who can add extra quality to our already highly skilled planning team and be able come up with alternative solutions to challenges and problems whilst at the same time work under pressure.

Main purpose of the job:

The ICC Control Tower Operator will oversee all inbound and outbound vehicle movements in line with a pre-advised Slot Management Schedule. They will also be required to co-ordinate the customs clearance between the customer and internal DSV operations. This will involve the use of IT to interface with HMRC systems and monitor the clearance status of shipments.

They will provide release notifications to enable cargo to be delivered either outbound on Export or for Import Delivery. They will ensure all HMRC documents are prepared correctly and that the depots receive clear instruction on cargo when it is released.

  • Co-ordinate with Market/ Warehouse re final loaded cargo status
  • Production of customs transit documents with correct destinations
  • Driver despatch of all paperwork incl. CMRs T-forms
  • Notification for shipping line of Safety and Security Declaration
  • Manage T-form discharge process for ICC
  • Send Pre Advice to overseas partner (outside of normal office hours)
  • Maintaining records of clearance, being organised and accurate with all systems are essential requirements

Key Requirements:

  • Excellent IT skills
  • Experience in the Logistics Industry
  • Good communication skills with colleagues and external customers
  • Preferably some knowledge of Customs processes or systems
  • Ensure legislative compliance in all areas
  • Ensure that the company operates within all agreed operational procedures, and within statutory requirements including the provision and maintenance of a safe working environment.
  • Prepare correct documentation to the Warehouse/Haulage/Distribution/Shipping department for loading/offloading cargo to vehicles, in a timely manner
  • Maintain awareness of and follow transport (and H.M. Customs) regulations, where relevant, to conform to all statutory requirements.


DSV has a principal goal to improve quality, health, safety and environmental sustainability with our community. All employees must make an active effort to continue the momentum towards minimising work related injuries, illness and the possible impact on the environment.
They are required to stay committed to provide the highest quality of work to colleagues and our clients in a timely manner and in accordance with the principles of our management system standards of work and approved working standards.

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