German Road Tax MAUT Increase from January 2019

The German Federal Government has decided to increase the truck road toll cost (MAUT) for usage of all motorways and federal roads as from the 1st of January 2019.

The German government has declared to spend the revenue generated financing the improvement of the national road network and guarantee a modern, safe and efficient traffic infrastructure in Germany.

The total toll cost is based on a combination of the distance that a vehicle travels on a road subject to toll, the implementation of an infrastructure cost and finally a charge for the air pollution caused by the vehicle. 

The rise in costs to drive on the toll roads will result in increased haulage cost when using the German road network for making collections and deliveries inside the country or using Germany as a transit country. The cost increase is depending on the individual trucks engines emission standards. The increased road toll costs will be between 42% and 60% for a standard articulated truck and trailer. 

Regrettably, it will be necessary for DSV to pass on the extra charges caused by the increased costs of using the toll road network in Germany to our customers. 

The charges will be shown as a separate entity on the invoice for your convenience for all shipments to or from Germany or shipments to destinations where trucks transit via Germany.

Should you have any questions relating to this please contact General Manager - Michael Madsen.

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