Notification regarding both strike and lockout in Swedish ports

Swedish ports are threatened by conflict after notice of strikes and lockouts have been announced to commence today and a week ahead.

Several Swedish ports are affected and among the ports currently listed, it is mainly traffic via the Ro-Ro terminal in Gothenburg's port (and not the APMT terminal) that is affected. At Gothenburg the conflict is notified to apply on 27/1 between: 14:00 - 23:59 and 28/1 between: 14:00 - 23:59.
Last week mediators were appointed to try to resolve the conflict before the strike actions came into force. If the mediation fails, the conflict will affect capacity constraints in the ports concerned, potentially resulting in longer lead times.
As the conditions can change at any time, with new notifications of current times, combined with which ports may be affected by the conflict, we refer to for current status information.

DSV are currently looking at alternative routings, during this period.

For specific questions regarding your transport, you are welcome to liaise with your regular contact person at DSV.