DSV Office Closures in response to the Coronavirus

While the reports concerning the Coronavirus can be followed in the media, the situation, on a practical level, is changing each day in China.

DSV China are keeping us informed daily with regards to the extended Chinese New Year closures and our DSV operation is being kept updated in order to provide information towards our customers.

At this stage it seems likely that further government instructions could be released to contain the Coronavirus. Though we cannot know for sure what these measures will entail, we have to assume that they could seriously impact ongoing operations at DSV China in the coming weeks and months.

As you will understand we are facing a developing situation; rest assured should this effect the movement or storage of your shipments, we will do our upmost to find alternatives so we can minimise disruption to your business where possible.

The UK Foreign Office have advised UK Citizens to avoid any non-essential travel to China; as a result, British Airways have announced today a suspension on all flights also into China. Other Airlines may follow suit, so we are monitoring the situation closely for cargo planning.

Your local operations & or commercial representative will keep you informed of any potential delays.

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