COVID-19 Industry Status Update

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DSV Globally

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DSV in the UK

At DSV, the wheels are still moving, ports and airports are operating and we are still transporting goods around the globe.

In order us to plan for the remainder of Q2 we would like to understand what your expected freight volumes over the coming weeks and months are likely to be. Whilst we appreciate this is extremely difficult in the current climate any information you are able to provide will help us plan for the coming period. Filling out the questionnaire will only take 1 minute of your time and information gathered will only be used to help our planning teams ensure we are able to continue to provide a high level of service going forward. Thanks for your help.

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Our Air Operations & Product is fully functioning and still with most office staff working from home. Our transport team continue to operate on a split shift with 50% of the team in the office and the other working from home. 

Our warehouse operation is fully functional & still operating with staff following Government guidelines on social distancing.

The drop in available airline capacity from & to the UK remains on ad-hoc pricing basis with the airlines and markets like Australia & South Africa are severely constrained. Globally the capacity has fallen from 109 million tons to just 39 million tons as of the 6th of April. 70% or more of global capacity continues to be moving on Freighter Aircraft.

Our airfreight strategy continues to be holding up well and where there is capacity available we continue to procure proactively; based on receipt of confirmed actual cargo ready date as notified to us by the customers. Our core carrier programme remains active and the relationships we have with major airlines continues to be a key part to procuring capacity in these difficult times.

We are seeing a very active Charter market at this time and of which DSV have globally operated more than 100 Full and Part Charters in recent weeks.

Booking windows operate 7 days or more in advance so please do reach to us if you require more information about availability.


Currently we are pleased to report that in the UK and throughout the world ports remain open & both container & cargo vessels continue to operate, although volumes are reduced, and carriers continue to revoke many sailings in response to the lower worldwide demand. 

The UK government has confirmed its commitment to keep supply chains open and running, not just for essential commodities but all cargoes. Therefore, we still encourage our clients to remain open if they can do so safely. Should you decide to close voluntary with cargo currently in transit we will try to mitigate costs and reduce transit times where possible, but we do ask that you advise your local DSV office in good time in order for us to work out the best solution. Inevitably there will be additional costs, shipping lines and ports will not extend port free time and container detention. As a cost saving resolution, it is our intention to move goods off the port and store securely at one of the many nearby depots.

There are a few countries, currently South Africa & India where the social lockdown is more severe and means that the only cargo moving is that which is deemed essential such as food, medical and pharmaceuticals. If you have specific shipments due or currently in transit, please reach out to your local DSV contact to check the status.


Continuing to follow the UK Government advise, our warehouse and order processing facilities are all accessible and are assisting the supply chains for many different product types across the globe. 

We continue to administer safe working practices throughout our locations, our key-worker warehouse teams remain the cornerstone of our ability to continue to operate safe and efficiently.

We have had to adapt to different methods of working and although we observe productivity losses at an operational level, we are confident that with our planning coupled with the support from our clients we will beat this and form stronger relationships through our dedication to succeed.

Client volumes are down as expected but some of our customers in the medical and healthcare sector and cleaning devices are experiencing a surge in demand.  We have been able to move our local teams within campus distance to provide the targeted additional support to service the additional outbound orders.  DSV Solutions are also assisting clients where other logistics providers have been unable to maintain their service, this again ensures goods clear ports and do not block the road system for the flow of essential products.


The Easter weekend always provides a challenge in respect of the published road service schedule, this year the changes have been more complex than ever before.

We departed to all destinations last Thursday and have midweek departures to the majority of markets this week with some services being deferred due to volumes where we will depart again on Friday this week as usual. This will obviously have an impact on transit times although we are continuing to collect and deliver both ambient and refrigerated goods, internationally and domestically in the UK.

Our Planning Teams are doing their utmost to provide a frequent, high quality operation in line with our client’ s requirements. Moving freight currently across Europe is not without its challenges but we are currently offering regular departures to and from all European and Scandinavian countries. We are seeing constantly changing restrictions across Europe which are impacting our transit times although in the majority of cases we are still able to complete collections and deliveries.

It is important at this time that it is confirmed at the time of booking that the delivery point is open and able to accept deliveries.

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