Getting your produce to the market via temperature controlled equipment.

We have seen an increasing demand to transport fresh produce daily for our customers worldwide.  Commodities range from sensitive products such as flowers and food products such as dairy, meat, fruit and vegetables with fresh cakes being one of the most precious transit movements. We’ve been taking care of the specialised supply chain across the globe for over 40 years and have built a reputation as a world leader coupled with an award winner in perishables logistics.

In today’s society, consumers demand an ever more diverse choice of fresh produce with higher expectations regarding the quality & appearance of products being brought to market.

The integrity of the fresh supply chain needs to remain un-broken throughout the cargo’s journey. Operators with a strong knowledge base & wealth of experience in han-dling perishables is mandatory when dealing with such specialised and sensitive cargo.  Pre-planning of transportation and adherence to temperature requirements to miti-gate environmental factors, along with comprehensive pre-customs paperwork checks both necessary & key to a successful delivery.

We pride ourselves on a comprehensive approach to contingency planning should any unforeseen issues arise and offer a supply chain with sufficient flexibility to respond to seasonal demands and volumes spikes. 

DSV offer an extensive Charter Network and qualified experts in refrigerated cargo shipping and cold-chain management, we make sure shipments arrive timely in the right place & in pristine condition. Without any compromise to standards of good hygiene.

Prevention of contamination and ultimately providing a longer shelf life once these items reach the store is our core value and goal. To achieve this, we must manage the process of each shipment and offer a tailor-made solution to ensure the goods arrive safely.

All you must do is tell us what to ship and where then trust us to move your products from the field or the factory to the table.

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