Healthcare logistics

DSV Solutions can utilize their European experience to design and manage supply chain solutions for your healthcare business. DSV has been awarded the ‘Best European 3PL for Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Life Sciences Supply Chains’ award 2012. The healthcare sector is a continuously changing and developing industry with high quality and regulatory demands. Each healthcare industry client requires a tailor-made solution to meet the exacting and prescribed demands of their supply chain. 

DSV Solutions has experience of the following sub-sectors:

  • Medical devices and diagnostics
  • Medical products and personal care
  • Analytical and screening products with next day delivery to Health Centres

Our European healthcare facilities are equipped to comply with the required healthcare regulatory quality standards [GDP – Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products].

We have climate controlled facilities and transport capabilities throughout Europe.
These include:

  • Ambient
  • Cold chain and temperature chain products
  • Clean room environments

We comply with transport rules and standards and therefore carry SQAS.

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