Online services and document handling

With DSV you get more than just transportation from A to B. You also get everything in between

Our online services will keep you up to speed. Through our online booking portal you can book shipments at your convenience. For multiple shipments every week you may benefit from our electronic data interchange (EDI) feature, which integrates your system with our applications. And when it is time to pay for our services, you will receive an electronic invoice. 

Track and trace your shipments through myDSV

In addition to knowing that your goods will be delivered from A to B, you can use myDSV Track & Trace to follow your shipments. Because of our up-to-date technology we provide information on delivery (IOD), proof of delivery (POD) and other status notifications in real time. 

We handle customs clearance and transport documents

All specialised shipments require paperwork. Cargo from an EU country to a non-EU country needs customs clearance. Cross-border shipments of dangerous goods need special transport documents. And the list goes on. But do not worry. Our freight forwarders are experts in handling all types of transport documents, and our truck drivers are certified in handling dangerous goods.

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