Public Holiday Calendar

European Countries

Below you will find the list of public holidays in Europe, which may affect road freight lead times if transporting via or is the cargo collection point or destination.

May 2020

Saturday 2nd RU,SI,ES
Sunday 3rd LT,PO,RU 
Monday 4th AT,IE,RU 
Tuesday 5th  NL,RU
Wednesday 6th BG,RU 
Thursday 7th RU
Friday 8th BE,CZ,DK,FR,DE,RU,SK,UK 
Saturday 9th BY,LU,RU,UA 
Sunday 10th RU 
Monday 11th RU,UA 
Friday 15th ES 
Sunday 15th NO 
Tuesday 19th TK 
Thursday 21st AT,BE,DK,FI,FR,DE,LU,NL,SE,CH 
Friday 22nd BE,DK 
Sunday 24th BG,TK 
Monday 25th  BG,TK,UK 
Saturday 30th ES,SE 
Sunday 31st DK,EE,FI,DE,NL,PO,SE 

June 2020

Monday 1st AT,BE,DK,FR,DE,RO,CH
Tuesday 2nd IT 
Friday 5th DK
Sunday 7th GR,LT,RO,UA 
Monday 8th GR,RO,UA
Tuesday 9th ES*
Wednesday 10th PT
Thursday 11th HR,DE,PO,PT,ES,CH 
Friday 12th  RU 
Saturday 13th PT,RU,ES 
Sunday 14th RU 
Friday 19th FI,SE 
Saturday 20th FI,SE 
Monday 22nd  HR,LT 
Tuesday 23rd  EE,LU,CH
Wednesday 24th EE,LV,LT,ES 
Sunday 28th UA 
Monday 29th IT,CH,UA 

July 2020

Friday 3rd BY
Monday 6th LT 
Saturday 11th BE 
Tuesday 14th FR 
Wednesday 15th  TK
Saturday 25th ES*
Tuesday 28th ES* 
Friday 13th ES 
Tuesday 17th IE,UK 
Friday 31st ES*,TK

* The holiday listed is not a full national holiday

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