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Caring for your goods

At DSV we take pride in taking great care of your shipments – from collection to delivery. We are professionals who stand for quality and respect and
always do our utmost to protect your goods.

Even though you get the best and most professional care from us, there are always factors which are not covered by liability. DSV Protect is there
with a helping hand should the unexpected happen, offering coverage against loss or damage.

The Basics:-

Simply put, it costs just five pounds per shipment to gain protection of up to £5,000.
£5 for cover up to £5,000

DSV Protect has:-

•No excess to deduct
•Protection against loss or damage
•No weight restrictions
•Claims handling within 7 working days
•Automatically included

First risk coverage 

 - If you are already insured elsewhere, but with a deductible / excess of £5,000 you can still make use of DSV Protect.

DSV Protect - Guarding against the unforeseen

You get peace of mind that should the worst happen, you will get compensation with no questions asked.
Are you opt-in? The £5 cover will be added to all future shipments, more than just CMR/BIFA.


DSV Protect is an optional added value service provided by DSV as part of your transport. It protects you in case of loss or damage to your cargo.
DSV Protect provides indemnity up to a prescribed maximum amount (without any sub-limitation of liability and on first loss basis)
Full terms and conditions can be found on line:-

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