Logistics contract negotiation

Negotiating a logistics services contract demands patience and attention to detail

In this white paper from our expert insights series, we look at nine clauses that need careful attention on both sides of the table - especially when it comes to warehouse services. This is to prevent them becoming "hot potatoes" during your negotiations and to make sure that you and your logistics services provider end up working well together. After all, you will likely have a long working relationship.

The clauses we cover in this white paper are: 

  1. Scope of the agreement
  2. Exclusivity and/or minimum volumes
  3. Liability for direct and indirect damages
  4. KPIs and bonus-malus
  5. Terms and conditions
  6. Contract term and termination clause
  7. Price indexation
  8. Choice of law and venue
  9. Lien and retention rights

Download the full the white paper here.

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