Supply chain control towers

Find out what control towers can do for your supply chain

In this white paper from our expert insights series, we look at the "control towers" which have been appearing in more and more supply chains recently. 

According to trade press releases and third party logistics (3PL) presentations, “control towers” are springing up like daisies all over Europe. Anyone who is anyone in the supply chain arena has at least one, if not several. The control tower concept is one that is easy to visualise: a hive of activity staffed by multi-lingual traffic controllers. One could imagine that the central point of the control tower hosts a vast screen depicting an integral overview of all freight flows, clearly pinpointing any problem areas. Is that really what a control tower is about? Are you missing out by being stuck with your ‘old-fashioned’ freight management desk? This article will bring the control tower back down to ground level, explain its functionalities and try to identify situations in which the concept really adds value.

Topics in this white paper include:

  • What is a control tower and do I need one?
  • What is a control tower not?
  • What is a complex supply chain
  • Should I outsource my control tower or run it all in-house?

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