Rail freight between China and Europe

Faster than sea freight

More and more businesses are using rail freight between Europe and China.

Rail offers a number of advantages over traditional air or sea freight – trains are faster than ships, and less costly than shipping by air.

But there are a number of considerations such as large ambient temperature differences and prohibitions for certain goods in the countries along the route.

It takes between 15 and 18 days for Chinese and Russian trains to transport containers from northern and central China to Europe. In this white paper we look closely at the advantages of this method as well as the challenges. Rail transport to and from China While the golden age of railways in the 1800’s might be long gone, rail is entering something of a renaissance on both a regional and global level.

Many companies already ship their goods by trains running up, down and across Europe, the United States and even across great landmasses like Russia and the C.I.S. countries.

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