Warehouse efficiency that reduces costs

Stairlift supplier Stannah chose DSV

Stannah is the UK’s leading independent supplier of lift products. Previously, Stannah had maintained all of its own direct  installation storage and distribution premises around the UK. They realised that their direct warehouse model was inefficient, with warehouses only being used two or three days a week.  As Stannah’s own installers were managing stock themselves, they were spending too much time on logistics.

DSV has been helping Stannah with road transport since 2012 and there is a strong working relationship. The first step in the new strategy was relocating Stannah’s stock from its Newport warehouse into DSV’s warehouse in nearby Bristol. This resulted in cost savings as direct and indirect premises related costs were significantly reduced.

  • Reduction in rent/rates
  • Reductions in associated premises costs
  • No plant/FLT to maintain.
  • No downtime with training on FLTs etc

DSV also took over all product movement, which gave further savings and efficiencies.  Stannah installers could now concentrate on their core task of installing stairlifts and leave DSV to handle transport and warehouse stock. What’s more, the new setup worked so well it has already been extended to the North-East  and Midlands areas..

Working with DSV has  given us significant operational savings of at least 40% of our previous direct model operation costs

– Dave Harris, Operations Director at Stannah

About Stannah

Stannah is the UK’s leading independent supplier of lift products supplying goods as diverse as loading systems, service lifts, platform lifts, homelifts and stairlifts. 

Stannah is a British family-run global business with a turnover in excess of £ 210 million. Fifth-generation members of the Stannah family now manage the company and still uphold the traditional family values of quality and service that Joseph Stannah started all those years ago.

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