The shortest route is not always the quickest

Fast footwork and imaginative routing speeds up the supply chain and improves customer service.

Shoe company Samuel Hubbard, located in San Francisco, California, had a slow supply chain. Shoes imported from Europe took too long to get to stores, meaning that they were too often out of stock. 

With shoes being manufactured in so many sizes, being able to offer quick deliveries and respond to demand as soon as possible is essential for customer satisfaction. Out of stock is not an option and it was clear that their supply chain needed an overhaul.

DSV took on the challenge. With creative coordination between the operations teams in the US and Portugal, a new, quicker route for air freight was found. The result was a much faster supply chain and Samuel Hubbard being able to keep product in stock.
We knew we needed to improve transit times, and DSV found us a logistics solution.

- Bridget Ferguson, VP Merchandising at Samuel Hubbard

Samuel Hubbard also chose DSV to help expand into the Canadian market. DSV was there to assist, ensuring there was efficient collaboration and control over the supply chain process flow across the Atlantic. “The relationship with DSV has been pivotal to our success,” says Bridget Ferguson.

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