Logistics for New Year’s resolutions

Peak season for healthier eating is about to start – WW relies on DSV for fulfilment and logistics – and over 10,000 customer contacts a month

Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW in Benelux uses DSV’s Multi-channel Fulfilment services.

We see a strong peak after Christmas, when everyone is making their new year’s resolutions, and that’s also when we introduce our new products. DSV… is noticeably better at coping with peaks than our previous logistics partner. They don’t just react to what we present them with, but they also look ahead and take a problem-solving approach.

- Maarten Basten, Supply Chain Manager for WW Benelux

WW had originally been looking for a logistics partner that could also offer to handle its customer service. They chose DSV because of its strategic location in Netherlands, as well as its very low staff turnover rate.

Before long, WW realised that there would be advantages in having DSV handle order fulfilment too – and that it would make customer service all the more efficient by being located in the same place.

WW is most pleased about delivery times, which used to be three to four days with their old service provider. Now, WW’s customers can place orders right up until 22:00 and get delivery the next day. What’s more, error and return rates have also been reduced significantly.

DSV’s automatic weighing system is one way of reducing errors: as the weight of each item for sale is known, outgoing packages which weigh more or less than expected are flagged for double-checking.

A “normal” month is around 10,000 customer contacts by email, messenger and phone. But in January and February, the peak period for orders, this number increases drastically but is still handled with ease.

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Formerly known as Weight Watchers, WW’s webshop sells everything consumers need to lead a healthy lifestyle, such as cookbooks and pedometers as well as a wide range of healthy food products.

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