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Global reach and local presence have helped Le Creuset expand its product distribution to new markets. Today more and more of their cookware is hitting the right shelves worldwide. Effective warehousing and distribution are paving the way.

In the process of optimising its distribution operations in Northern Europe, Le Creuset and DSV decided to pursue a business opportunity and start distribution in Australia as well.

A move into the Australian market had been on the radar for Le Creuset for quite a while. When DSV heard of the plans we immediately set about making a plan to create a supply chain that could optimise Le Creuset’s consumer product life cycles in Australia. The business case convinced to Le Creuset.

The ability to respond to change in demand is critical in a competitive sector such as retail. This is exactly what our partnership with DSV gives us.

Gavin Wheaton, Group Logistics Director at Le Creuset

The decision to optimise Le Creuset’s warehousing and distribution has paid off. After the first month of business, 40 percent more orders are being picked and packed at Le Creuset’s Australian warehouse than initially budgeted.

Bringing decision making power and know-how to the table

Being a global organisation with people and partners on six continents, DSV is able to combine global reach with local know-how and initiative. The decentralised decision power in Australia made it simple to move from idea to action for Le Creuset in the new market.

DSV shows us the strength of having people in place worldwide. When we want to go somewhere, they are already there. Gavin Wheaton, Group Logistics Director at Le Creuset 

Today Le Creuset has 1.500 m² of cookware on site in Australia. This means Le Creuset is currently among the largest contract logistics accounts in the Sydney warehousing facility.

Reaching across the entire globe

In the world of Le Creuset, Australia and India are parts of the same business region. So when India was mentioned during negotiations about the warehouse in Australia, it made perfect sense to move into India as well.

The result is that DSV has started up warehousing and distribution for Le Creuset in Mumbai.

Future targets for Le Creuset are China and South America. As with Australia and India, Le Creuset will be setting up their own sales organisation and DSV will perform the role as logistics service provider for all warehousing and distribution.

Our ambition is to reach many more markets with DSV. They have the reach, professionalism and strength to get us there.

Gavin Wheaton, Group Logistics Director at Le Creuset

About Le Creuset

Le Creuset was created in 1924, when two Belgian businessmen, a cast-iron specialist and an enamelling specialist, met at a trade fair in Brussels.

All over the world, the enamelled pots are synonymous with French culinary skills, and Le Creuset offers a lifetime warranty on all cast-iron products.

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